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Chicken leg in milk with Jamie in a Roman vase

Chicken leg in milk with Jamie in a Roman vase

I remade this recipe found on Amei's blog, "Ama in bucatarie", a blog full of all the goodies and a special refinement, which I love very much. Here is the original recipe:

  • We need
  • 6 chicken legs,
  • salt,
  • pepper,
  • 100 grams of butter,
  • a cup of milk,
  • 10 cloves of garlic,
  • 2 tablespoons butter for frying chicken,
  • a hand leaves sage,
  • lemon peel (cinnamon was past but I didn't put it).

Servings: 6

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Chicken legs in milk with Jamie in a Roman bowl:

Preparation: wash the chicken legs well and wipe it with an absorbent napkin. Salt well and then fry them in a pan with hot butter, turning them on all sides until golden. I hurried very hard this time and I skipped this operation but I will give you the correct recipe. Then place them in the oven dish (I used the Romanian bowl again) and pour over the remaining melted butter, a cup of milk, lemon peel, season and add the sage leaves.

Put in the oven and leave for 30 minutes at 230 degrees with a lid and another 10 minutes at 210 degrees without a lid to brown and lower the water. They are extraordinarily tender and fragrant, they are worth trying at least once.

How to make the recipe for crispy strips & # 8211 crispy strips of breaded chicken breast?

For crispy strips we need long pieces of meat, which are not very thin because they dry out. Better cylindrical or parallelepiped. For example, that muscle inside the chicken breast, also called & # 8222pestisor & # 8221 (inner file), is very suitable. I had 8 pieces.

How to marinate chicken breast for crispy strips?

For the marinade, finely chop the onion, clean the garlic cloves, crush them with the knife blade and then cut them into 3-4 pieces. Add 3 tablespoons of oil, juice of 1/2 lemon, salt and pepper and a teaspoon of turmeric. It will not have a pronounced curry taste, it will only have a light aroma and a wonderful color. If you don't like it, you can not put turmeric.

Immerse the meat in this marinade and leave it to cool for a few hours, preferably overnight, in a closed bowl placed in the refrigerator.

Pui monastery at the Radu Anton Roman

The first time, I saw this recipe prepared by Radu Anton Roman himself, many years ago, in the weekly show he had on a certain TV station. At that time, there was no blog and not even the intention to open it, but I remember how much I was fascinated by the recipe and the passion put into preparing it. I wrote it down nicely in a notebook and, with the thought of preparing it at some point, I put the notes well. I forgot about them and the recipe, of course. But I remembered, about a year ago, when I flipped through a book with Radu Anton Roman's recipes. This time, I swore to prepare the wonder at a meal with several guests, guests passionate about Romanian cuisine. The opportunity came a week ago and I thought I would share the result with you. A fabulous, tasty and surprising result, with a & # 8220sin & # 8221 but: it is quite difficult.

I mean, no matter how much I went to the quantities of butter and sour cream, a very satisfying dish came out, which necessarily requires some pickles and a glass of dry wine (although, I admit, the master recommends a semi-sweet wine for the monastery chicken) . Let's face it, in Radu Anton Roman's recipe sour cream is measured with & # 8220ulcica mare & # 8221, the chicken had to be from the yard, fat (not from the supermarket), and if I had respected the proportions exactly, I should have put a packet of butter. All in all, the combination of chicken, mushrooms, wine and sour cream, scented with dill, parsley and thyme, is sensational, so I highly recommend the Radu Anton Roman monastery chicken.

As for the ingredients, the recipe called for wild mushrooms, but I didn't have any, so I put some mushrooms and pleurotus. However, it is important not to put canned mushrooms, but fresh ones. Then, as I needed several servings, I combined a large whole chicken with a tray of chicken hammers. You adjust, however, the quantities as needed!

Ingredients (for 12-14 servings):
& # 8211 whole chicken 1 pc. (2 kg)
& # 8211 chicken hammers 6 pcs. (700 g)
& # 8211 mushrooms mushroom 400 g
& # 8211 pleurotus mushrooms 400 g
& # 8211 afumatura (kaizer) 400 g
& # 8211 onion 4 pcs. (380 g)
& # 8211 white wine (recipe recommends a sweet wine) 300 ml
& # 8211 butter (62% fat) 100 g
& # 8211 garlic 12 puppies (25 g)
& # 8211 paprika 1 tablespoon grated
& # 8211 dried thyme 1 tbsp
& # 8211 dill and parsley 1 medium each
& # 8211 sour cream 400 g
& # 8211 eggs 3 pcs.
& # 8211 celery leaves (I put 2 stems)
& # 8211 salt, pepper

Cut the whole chicken (cleaned and washed) into pieces: thighs, chest, wings and back. Boil, in 500 ml of water, the back (including the neck and tart, if any). Be sure to froth until no more foam forms, then simmer over low heat with the pot half-covered. The rest of the chicken, ie the pieces for the steak, plus the hammers taken separately, give them a little salt and pepper, as well as paprika. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius.

In a large pan, melt 70 g butter and brown, in turn, the spicy chicken pieces. As you take them out, place them in a deep pan or large dish of embarrassment. Meanwhile, when the chicken back has boiled well, take it out on a plate and keep the chicken soup hot. Put the hot chicken over the browned chicken pieces (enough to cover them) and put the tray in the oven. Leave for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, melt the remaining butter (30 g) and cook the onion (sliced). If you put celery stalks, it's time to add them over the onion (if you put leaves, sprinkle them at the end, with dill and parsley). Add the kaizer, stick. Leave for a few minutes, stirring often.

Put the mushrooms (cleaned, washed and sliced). After a few minutes (during which time the mushrooms soften a little), quench with wine and the rest of the hot soup and add the dried thyme.

Remove the meat from the boiled back and place it in the mushroom sauce. Add the garlic passed through the press. Season the salt and pepper sauce and, after the 30 minutes in the oven, pour it into the pan, over the chicken. Put the tray back in the oven and leave the chicken for about 30 minutes. At the end of the time, the chicken should be very well penetrated.

In a bowl, beat the sour cream with eggs, a pinch of salt and pepper. Pour the mixture over the chicken, sprinkle with dill and parsley (chopped) and, ready !, the monastery chicken is just right.

Serve it to the guests with polenta and pickles.

Calories: 242 kcal / 100 g (the portion has, depending on the size, between 780 and 905 kcal).

Jamie Oliver's best chicken recipe


A whole chicken of approx. 1.5 kg

1 handful of sage leaves

Method of preparation:

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius.

Season the chicken with salt and pepper and fry it in a pot with a little oil until golden. Turn it on all sides, to fry evenly.

Remove the pot from the heat, place the chicken on a plate and discard the remaining oil.

Put the chicken back in the pot, along with the cinnamon, sage leaves, lemon juice, garlic and milk.

Put the pot in the hot oven and let the chicken cook for 1 hour and 30 minutes, sprinkling it from time to time with the juices from the bowl. The combination of lemon juice and milk will result in a fantastic sauce!

When the chicken is ready, remove the meat from the bones and divide it on plates, with enough sauce on top. Serve everything with a green salad or with a mashed potato.

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Method of preparation

Chicken ciulama with mushrooms

Cut the breast into cubes, season and lightly fry until it changes color. Separated

Poultry liver stew

Washed liver, put it in the fridge, in a bowl with milk for 30 '. Chop the onion, garlic

Chicken fried by Jamie Oliver

-chicken meat (I used 3 whole legs), -2 rosemary sprigs, -100 g salt, -1 teaspoon ground black pepper, -3 bay leaves, -1 clove garlic, -500 ml whipped milk, -150 gr flour , -2 teaspoons paprika, -1 teaspoon garlic powder, oil

Difficulty: Average | Time: 30 min

Greek cuisine

Learn to cook the tastiest and healthiest recipes from Greek cuisine: fasolada, Greek salad, tzatziki, Fasolakia freska, gyros, souvlaki, musaca and many other delicious dishes.

The recipes are easy to prepare - refinement is not the strong point of the Greeks & # 8211 and is based on natural and healthy ingredients. The food is Mediterranean, with characteristics common to Italian or Turkish. Vegetables, greens, olive oil, cereals, wine, fish and many other types of meat, especially chicken, rabbit and pork, are widely used.

Equally important in Greek food recipes are olives, cheese, eggplant, zucchini and yogurt. Cake recipes especially require nuts and honey.

Greek cuisine it has a rich history of over 4000 years. In fact, the world's first cookbook was written by a Greek before our era. Over time, Greek recipes have changed, being influenced by the peoples with whom the Greeks have interacted over time. Through the Roman Empire, many Greek recipes spread throughout Europe and not just by conquering the gourmets of yesterday and today.

Extra virgin olive oil gives the distinctive taste of Greek cuisine, often being used in many traditional Greek recipes. Olive oil, wine, and wheat flour made up the so-called "Mediterranean triad," which was the basis of ancient Greek food. The tradition has been preserved to this day, even though the development of the food industry has made the Greeks eat more meat than in the past.

Greek recipes also use many greens that add extra flavor to any food: mint, oregano, garlic, onion, dill, fennel, etc.

Greek salad recipes are so good and filling because of the cheeses. Each region of Greece has a representative type of cheese. Feta is just the most famous Greek cheese, but not the only one and maybe not the tastiest. Equally popular with connoisseurs are kasseri - sheep or goat cheese & # 8211 and gravel.

Fish and seafood are also very popular in Greece, both locals and tourists. Recipes with fish & sardines, mackerel, squid, shrimp etc - are prepared in every restaurant. More expensive, but not absent from the tourists' tables are the delicious lobster dishes.

With all these advantages, Greek food is considered by many to be the best in the world. In addition to the fact that the recipes are light and delicious, traditional Greek meals mean more than food, they mean good wine and definitely a pleasant conversation with loved ones.

Jamie Oliver-retete

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RECIPES by Jamie Oliver Mashed potatoes Ingredients • 4-5 yellow potatoes • 1 bunch of green onions • 15o ml milk • 2 tablespoons butter • salt Recipe Preparation The potatoes are cleaned, washed and boiled in salted water. Keep on the fire for about 30 minutes, then try with a fork, if it enters easily, the potatoes are cooked. Drain the potatoes well and crush them with a sieve, or with a fork, together with 1 tablespoon of butter. If the mixer is used, the puree becomes sticky, it no longer has the same consistency. Separately in a saucepan, heat the milk together with 1 tablespoon of butter, but be careful not to boil it onion, it is a little stronger, it has a novice, it must be put on the fire first. Leave it on the fire for 1 minute, then add the green leaves of the onion. Keep it on the fire for another minute Homogenize well, then serve with a steak, schnitzel or whatever you like. Pumpkin Paste Ingredients • 2 smaller pumpkins • 2 cloves garlic • 1 red hot pepper, dried • salt, pepper • lemon juice • 2-3 mint leaves • olive oil Recipe Jamie's Tip: "Try to buy small and hard pumpkins, because they have a more intense aroma, they don't have many seeds and in the middle they are not soft and fluffy. " Put 2 tablespoons of oil in a hot pan and sauté the finely chopped garlic and finely chopped hot pepper for 1 minute. Add the peeled zucchini and chop into small cubes. Mix well. Lower the heat and cover the pan with a lid. Stir every 5 minutes for 20-25 minutes, making sure the zucchini do not stick to the pan. When cooking with the lid on, you have the certainty that enough liquid remains in the pan. When the pumpkins have softened well, turn off the heat. Pass the remaining pieces with a fork and then season with salt, pepper and a tablespoon or two of oil. At the end add 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice and finely chopped mint leaves. If you want a finer paste you can pass it with the blender. Jamie's advice: "This pasta is fantastically spread on slices of toast or mixed with pasta." Jamie Oliver's "Poor Caviar" Ingredients • 4 large eggplants • 1/2 teaspoon cumin

2 cloves garlic 5-6 tablespoons olive oil 2 lemons parsley salt, pepper Preparation recipe Bake the eggplants, clean them, I rinse them in 2 jets of warm water (especially if they are bitter), let them drain in a strainer . Meanwhile, crush the two cloves of garlic, grind the cumin seeds (before crushing them in a mortar, I fried them for about 1 minute, removing a stronger aroma), put them together in a bowl, add the drained eggplant and homogenize the oil. added the juice of the two lemons (JO recommends even 3 lemons but a little sour for my taste), salt, pepper and I mixed the mixture. At the end I added chopped parsley, coriander or basil is also recommended, depending on tastes. I served it with homemade bread and vegetables, and with a lot of appetite. • • • • •

Pancakes Jamie Oliver Ingredients • ingredients: • 3 large eggs (I laid 4) • 115 gr. flour (I put 170) • 1 lgta baking powder (I put 1 1/2) • 140 ml. milk (I put 210) • 5 lgte sugar (I put 6) • in top of salt • vanilla essence I added • In Jamie's recipe no sugar is put How to prepare the recipe Mix the yolks with the sugar until they turn white. Pour a little milk, then flour (which was mixed with baking powder) and alternate until done. Whisk the egg whites and lightly incorporate them with a spoon into the yolk mixture. Homogenize. Heat a Teflon pan well, grease it with butter / bead and put about a quarter of the polish of the composition. When the holes start to form, turn the pancake. In about a minute it is ready. We grease them with whatever we like (jam, chocolate cream and of course the maple syrup with which they are actually eaten, that's why they don't even put sugar in the mixture. Because they would come out much too sweet) I put blackberry jam and of raspberries. They are incredibly fluffy! Sicilian stew with eggplant Ingredients • olive oil • 2 large eggplants, cut into pieces • 1 teaspoon with dried oregano tip • salt, pepper • 1 finely chopped red onion • 4 cloves sliced ​​garlic

1 small bunch of fresh parsley 2 tablespoons salted capers, washed, soaked and drained 1 hand pitted green olives 5 peeled tomatoes and cut into pieces Preparation recipe Fry the eggplant in olive oil, adding oregano. After the eggplant has softened slightly, add the onion, garlic and parsley. If you find it too dry you can add olive oil. Then add the capers and olives, and finally the tomatoes. Leave to boil, covered, on low heat for about 15 minutes. Serve sprinkled with chopped parsley leaves. • • • •

Greek salad Ingredients • a few lettuce leaves • cherry tomatoes • olives • an avocado • goat cheese • lime • olive oil • oregano leaves How to prepare the recipe First of all I cut the avocado fruit into cubes and put it through lime juice. I threw all the ingredients in a bowl, I mixed them lightly, I arranged them a bit, to say that I still worked. On top I sprinkled oregano leaves, which gave a special taste to the salad. It looks good, doesn't it? Spaghetti a la trapanese Ingredients • 450 g spaghetti • 1 clove of garlic • salt and ground pepper • 150 g grated Parmesan • 150 g almonds • 600 g tomatoes cut in half (good and cherry) • basil (preferably fresh - you can find it in Gimma or MegaImage) Recipe method spaghetti must always be cooked al dente, ie exactly as long as they are penetrated, not left until they swell, it's a shame about them, because they change their taste due to increased water intake. Let's see how the sauce is prepared: - Heat the almonds in a dry pan, then crush them like garlic when making the sauce. What we get, we put in a bowl. Then crush the garlic and basil and add them to the almonds. We start to mix, pouring Parmesan cheese and a tablespoon of olive oil, salt and pepper. We add the tomatoes by crushing them in the hand. The sauce can be thinner with a little olive oil. Then mix with hot pasta…. Butterflies with peas and bacon Ingredients: 450 gr butterfly paste 1 egg 100 ml sour cream

salt, pepper 12 slices of smoked bacon 100 gr raw or frozen peas 80 gr freshly grated Parmesan cheese Preparation: Heat salted water and boil the pasta according to the instructions on the package. Cut the bacon into thicker pieces and put it in the pan and fry until golden. In a bowl, beat the egg with the cream, salt and pepper. When the pasta is almost ready, add the peas and cook for a minute and a half, so that the berries are sweet and delicious. When both are cooked, drain them in a strainer, keeping a little of the boiling water (do not wash again in cold water). Add the pea pasta over the bacon, mixing well. Over the whole composition add the egg mixture with sour cream while the pasta is still steaming. Thus the egg will cook from their heat and a delicious and homogeneous sauce will be obtained. Mix everything and, if necessary, add a little of the stored water. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese on top. Serve the pasta immediately LEMONADE Ingredients: 2 cm finely grated ginger, 2 squeezed lemons, honey, 1.5 l mineral water, ice as much as it contains, a tuft of chopped mint leaves FRUIT ICE CREAM Ingredients: 500 ml yogurt, 500 berries (or others) honey Put in a blender, mix well, put in the freezer SWEET POTATO PUREE Ingredients: 2-3 washed and peeled sweet potatoes, a chopped hot pepper, 2 cloves crushed garlic, olive oil, basil Pass together SAUSED GREEN VEGETABLES Ingredients: A bunch of asparagus, 2 pieces of boiled broccoli drain, mix with sauce consisting of: olive oil, soy sauce, chopped peppers, two cloves of crushed garlic MEAL WITH PASTA Ingredients: 4 leeks chop the slices obliquely, fry in butter over low heat covered with thin slices of bacon, separately boil the noodles (lasagna sheets sprinkled with flour and cut into strands) mix, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and finely ground dried mushrooms. Jamie Oliver's Sandwich Ingredients for 1 serving • 1 small eggplant • 1 tablespoon olive oil (I put extra virgin) • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise • a clove of crushed garlic

2 slices of bread 1 garden tomato, sliced ​​feta cheese, chopped fresh basil leaves Kotanyi freshly ground black pepper Kotanyi sea salt Preparation 1. Cut the eggplant into longitudinal slices. I did not peel the eggplant, I only cut a little from the ends. 2. Grease the eggplant slices with olive oil and put the tray in the oven. 3. When they have browned, return to the other side. Remove from the oven after browning. 4. Cut the tomato into round slices. 5. Fry the slices of bread in the toaster or oven. 6. Mix the mayonnaise with the crushed garlic and grease the slices of bread with this sauce. 7. Assemble the sandwich: add the eggplant slices, tomatoes, sprinkle with chopped feta, add the basil and season with salt and pepper. • • • • • •

Salad with beetroot and smoked salmon Ingredients 4 beetroot juice from half a lemon sea salt and black pepper, freshly ground extra virgin olive oil balsamic vinegar 200 grams of smoked salmon a handful of watercress leaves its sorrel puddle a piece of fresh horseradish a slice of wholemeal bread Preparation Using a sharp knife, cut the beets into thin slices in a bowl. Add the lemon juice, a pinch of salt and pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, then mix well. Place the smoked salmon on a large platter. Sprinkle the watercress over it, then the beet slices, drained well of the juice. Cut the horseradish into small pieces and add it over the beets, then pour the beetroot juice on top. Sprinkle a little pepper and olive oil and let them blend a little. Can be served with a slice of wholemeal bread Baked chicken in milk à la Jamie Oliver Ingredients • a large chicken, • salt, • pepper, • 100 grams of butter, • a cup of milk, • 10 cloves of garlic, • 2 tablespoons butter for frying chicken, • a handful of sage leaves. Recipe preparation method

Wash the chicken well and wipe it with an absorbent napkin. Saute the chicken well and then fry it in a pan with hot butter, turning it on all sides until golden. When it is browned, we move it to the tray, I still used the Romanian dish because I can't give it back for any steak. Then we pour a cup of milk over it, we put the garlic cloves (I cut them smaller), we add 100 grams of butter cut into pieces and we put sage leaves on it. Leave it in the oven for an hour and a half, I left the first half hour with the lid on, although it didn't provide the recipe and then without over medium heat, putting a spoonful of the mixture in the pan from time to time so that it doesn't dry out. A chicken came out with a very crunchy crust and a fragile and very good interior, I didn't even think that such a simple recipe would give such a good result. I served with a mashed potato to be lighter and a salad of vegetables Spaghetti pudding with salted cheese Ingredients 600 ml cream 4 large eggs 100 grams of old grated telemea 100 grams of goat cheese a suitable bowl of freshly chopped spinach 1 hot pepper red, peeled and chopped 100 grams of chopped tomatoes 400 grams of boiled spaghetti a few sprigs of sage a cube of butter Preparation In a bowl beat the cream and eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper. Then add the cheese, spinach, hot pepper, tomatoes and boiled spaghetti. In parallel, melt the butter, while wallpapering the pan that will be used in the oven. In this, pour the mixture prepared earlier, and then put it in the oven, where it is left until the composition gets a crispy crust on top. Shortly before extinguishing the fire completely, sprinkle the sage leaves on top with olive oil and leave them in the oven for 5 minutes. Caesar salad by Jamie Oliver Ingredients • 4 boneless chicken legs • 2 large slices of homemade bread • rosemary • salt • pepper • olive oil • 100 g grated parmesan • 250 g smoked pancetta • 1 lemon for sauce: • 1 small box of anchovies • 3 cloves crushed garlic • 100 ml sour cream • 100 gr grated Parmesan cheese • 2 tablespoons olive oil

juice from a small lemon Preparation 1. In a non-stick pan, break the pieces of homemade bread and place the salted, peppered thighs on top. Sprinkle finely chopped rosemary and olive oil on top 2. Put the tray in the well-heated oven for 30 minutes. The crunchy croutons of very tasty bread will result on which the sauce formed by frying the chicken was drained. They are ready when the chicken is well browned. 3. Put the sauce ingredients in a blender and mix. 4. Fry the pancetta slices in the pan until golden brown. 5. Arrange salad, layers of croutons, hand-broken chicken pieces, pancetta and sauce on a plate. 6. Garnish with pancetta, lemon and grated Parmesan cheese. 7. Serve a hot salad immediately. •

Glazed carrots by Jamie Oliver Ingredients • carrots (small, or you can use normal) • honey • butter • bay leaves • pepper, salt • nutmeg (optional) • dried parsley Preparation Boil the carrots in salted water and bay leaves . When they are almost cooked, put them in a pan with a little butter and honey. Season to taste with salt, pepper, nutmeg, parsley. We cook them for about 510 minutes after which we serve. Good appetite! Rice, pumpkin and pepper salad You can make these three vegetables into a delicious, tasty, healthy and especially nutritious salad. Not to mention how useful it can be in diets. Ingredients 200 g of rice of any kind 400 ml of water 2 small and raw zucchini 2 baked kapia peppers 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil salt and pepper 6 green basil leaves Preparation Rice is treated the same as for pilaf , wash well and then boil in water with a pinch of salt. The vessel, partially covered, is left on the fire for about 15 minutes, until all the liquid is absorbed. Set aside, but care must be taken to keep the rice hot until the salad is done. Next, the washed pumpkins will be sliced ​​and the same will be done with the baked peppers. All these vegetables are placed in a bowl over which salt, pepper, balsamic steel and olive oil are added. At the end, chop the basil that will give the salad a special flavor and a fresh look. Delicious bread pudding

Have you ever thought that you can make pudding out of bread? Before explaining step by step how to make this preparation, I will confess that the bread pudding has enchanted me forever. I don't want to hear about sweets! Ingredients 8 slices of bread 8 eggplants 1 egg 500 ml milk 200 g apricot jam, cherries, cherries, nuts, etc. 140 g sugar grated peel from an orange 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon vanilla essence Preparation One soaked mix well with cinnamon, nutmeg and orange peel. From this composition, a little is used to grease the tray in which the pudding will be made, and with the rest of the grease the slices of bread, which are then cut diagonally and placed in the bowl. In the next step, beat the egg and the yolks with the sugar, pour the boiling milk and the vanilla essence over them, stirring continuously, and all this is finally poured over the slices of bread. Put the bowl in which I placed all the ingredients in the oven, for 45 minutes, in a pot half full with water. After three quarters of an hour, pour the jam chosen according to your own taste on the surface of the pudding and leave it in the oven for another 15 minutes, until it browns well. Before serving, leave to cool slightly. OVEN CHICKEN LEGS Put the chicken legs in a pan, plant a few cherry tomatoes or slices of normal tomatoes, a handful of large chopped basil or a few sprigs of rosemary, a few cloves of garlic and a few small onions. Salt and pepper are optional, but olive oil is a must. Place the tray in the oven (preheated to 180 degrees Celsius) for one hour and twenty minutes, over low heat. Do not mix, do not move anything, not even canned beans sprinkled over the thighs. The skin of the thighs becomes crispy, coppery and sweet, the flesh comes off the bone, it is juicy and very, very fragrant, the onion and garlic, cooked over low heat, are sweet, soft, subtly fragrant. This food can be eaten without garnish or with pasta, baked potatoes with rosemary or boiled rice. Baked pumpkin by Jamie Oliver Ingredients • baked pumpkin • iodized salt • colored peppercorns • pea beans • coriander seeds • 4 cloves garlic • olive oil Preparation The above spices are rubbed in a mortar until well blended and the spice grains are crushed a little. Cut the pumpkin into slices, clean the seeds and grease with the spice mixture. Leave to cool for approx. 30 minutes, then bake in the preheated oven,

at the right fire approx. 3o minutes. It is served hot or cold according to everyone's taste, simple or accompanied by a steak. Baked cauliflower with cumin, coriander and almonds Ingredients 1 cauliflower, only florets sea salt olive oil 2 teaspoons ground cumin seeds 2 teaspoons ground coriander seeds 1-2 hot dried peppers a handful of chopped almonds peel and juice from a Lemon. Preparation 1. Preheat the oven. 2. Scald the cauliflower florets in boiled water for a few minutes, then drain. 3. Mix the spices together with the chopped almonds and put them in a hot pan for a few minutes. 4. After the cauliflower has drained well, add it to the oil and put it in the spice pan. Leave it on the fire for a few more minutes until the cauliflower is slightly browned, during which time it is sprinkled with lemon juice and peel. 5. Place the cauliflower in the oven tray and let it brown in the hot oven for 15 minutes. Eggplant bruschettas and mint An easy recipe that will bring you praise from your guests. Ingredients 2 eggplant cut into thin slices olive oil wine vinegar chopped parsley freshly chopped mint 1 clove finely chopped garlic salt and pepper Preparation Heat a pan and fry the eggplant slices. While the eggplant is on the fire, mix in a bowl 8 tablespoons of oil with 3 tablespoons of vinegar, parsley, mint and garlic. Add salt and pepper to taste. When the eggplants are ready, put them in the dressing bowl and mix them, then place the eggplant slices on the bruschetta and pour what is left of the dressing. Jamie Oliver Green Beans Ingredients • 680 grams of green beans beans cut about 5 cm (I put after the eyes), • 2 cloves of garlic, • a few tablespoons of olive oil, • 1 can of 400 grams of peeled tomatoes , • salt • ground black pepper.

Eu am adaugat de la mine doar o lingura din vegeta mea naturala, cateva rondele de morcovi si putin ardei rosu cubulete sa le fur ochii baietilor mei cu preparatul ca sa il manance . Mod de preparare reteta Preparare : fasolea se fierbe separat in abur sau cu putina apa si sare, eu am fiert-o la abur. separat intr-un vas se calesc rosiile decojite in ulei de masline si se lasa la foc mic 1015 minute pana se ingroasa sosul spre final punem si usturoiul taiat fin. Eu am mai pus morcovul si ardeiul cubulete. Adaugam fasolea cand este fiarta si asezonam dupa gust cu care si piper. Este excelenta la gust, se poate servi simpla sau pe post de garnitura.

Conopidă în sos aromat de roşii Jamie Oliver îţi propune o reţetă vegetariană sănătoasă şi delicioasă, care are ca aliment de bază conopida. Ingrediente 1 ceapă roşie, decojită şi feliată 5 caţei de usturoi, curătaţi şi tocaţi 1 conopidă curăţată de frunze. Se va decupa partea de sus, realizând un buchet mai mare, iar restul conopidei, inclusiv tulpina, vor fi tăiate bucăţele. ulei de măsline o pumn de măsline negre, fără sâmburi un pumn de pătrunjel tăiat mărunt 2 conserve de roşii decojite vin roşu Mod de preparare În primul rând alege, o tigaie mare şi adâncă, în care să încapă buchetul de conopidă decupat şi să mai rămână în sus doi centimetri. E nevoie de acest lucru pentru ca buchetul de conopidă să se gătească corect. Adaugă în tigaie ceapa, usturoiul, restul de conopidă tăiată în bucăţele şi puţin ulei de măsline şi lasă la prăjit timp de 10 minute până ce ingredientele se înmoaie şi capătă o nuanţă aurie. Adaugă măslinele şi pătrunjelul şi mai prăjeşte timp de 2 minute. Mai apoi, pune în tigaie roşiile decojite şi umple una dintre conserve cu apă pe jumătate (aproximativ 200 ml). Pune şi apa în tigaie împreună cu un strop de vin roşu. Mai apoi, amestecă totul uşor, având grijă să pisezi cu o lingură roşiile ca să nu existe bucăţi prea mari în sos. Adu totul la fierbere. Mai apoi apasă uşor buchetul de conopidă în sos, fără să-l striveşti, El ar trebui să se află jumătate în sos şi jumătate afară. Stropeşte mai apoi cu puţin ulei de măsline, pune capacul şi mai lasă la fiert până când buchetul de conopidă este complet fiert. La final, conopida în sos de roşii se garniseşte cu pătrunjel. Ciuperci la cuptor Ingrediente 8 ciuperci mari câteva fire de ceapă verde, tocate 1 căţel de usturoi, tocat mărunt cimbru proaspăt 250 de grame de brânză taleggio, tăiată subţire 2 felii de pâine, transformată în pesmet pătrunjel tocat salată de arugula

sucul de la o lămâie ulei de măsline Mod de preparare Încălzeşte cuptorul la 200°C. Pune ciupercile pe o tavă mare şi decorează-le cu ceapă, usturoi şi cimbru. Aşază brânza peste. Amestecă pesmetul cu pătrunjelul şi împrăştie-le peste ciuperci. Lasă-le în cuptor 15-20 de minute. Între timp presară peste salata de arugula sucul de lămâie şi puţin ulei de măsline. Ciupercile se servesc alături de salată. Salată de cartofi Ingrediente 6 linguri de ulei de măsline extra virgin sucul de la 1-2 lămâi, după gust 250 grame de smântână sau brânză proaspătă 500 g cartofi noi, mici 500 g cartofi roşii sare de mare şi piper negru proaspăt măcinat ridichii feliate frunze de mentă proaspetă, tocate arpagic, tocat Mod de preparare Dressingul se prepară amestecând uleiul de măsline, sucul de lămâie şi smântâna sau brânza. Fierbe cartofii în apă cu sare timp de 20 de minute, sau până devin moi. Apoi scurge-i bine de apă. După ce se răcesc, curăţă cartofii de coajă şi taie-i cubuleţe. Amestecă-i cu dressingul şi apoi adaugă ridichiile, menta, arpangicul şi sarea şi piperul. Paste cu ardei gras şi brânză parmezan Ingrediente 2 ardei roşii curăţaţi de seminţe şi feliaţi 2 ardei galbeni curăţaţi de seminţe şi feliaţi ulei de măsline sare de mare şi piper negru proaspăt măcinat 2 cepe roşii, decojite şi tăiate fin 2 căţei de usturoi, decojiţi şi raşi 2 linguri de pătrunjel tăiat mărunt 2 linguri oţet balsamic 1 ceaşcă de brânză parmezan 1/2 kg paste Mod de preparare Într-o tigaie pune ardeiul gras feliat la prăjit cu puţin ulei de măsline, sare şi piper. Pune un capac peste şi lasă la foc mediu timp de 15 minute, până când ardeiul se înmoaie. Ardeiul trebuie gătit într-o manieră lentă, dacă vrei să-i păstrezi aroma intensă. Adaugă în tigaie ceapa şi lasă pe foc încă 20 de minute. Adaugă mai apoi usturoiul şi pătrunjelul şi mestecă în permanenţă timp de 3 minute. Gustă şi adaugă dacă e nevoie mai multă sare şi piper. Adaugă oţetul balsamic şi amestecă bine, ca să dai o aromă omogenă legumelor. Adaugă brânză parmezan şi ţine totul la foc mic cât timp găteşti pastele. Între timp pune la foc o oală cu apă şi sare. Pune pastele în apa clocotindă şi ţine-le pe foc până când fierb. Mai apoi strecoară-le, dar păstrează puţin din apa în care au fiert în oală. Într-un vas încălzit pune legumele din tigaie, pastele şi pătrunjel proaspăt, amestecă-le bine şi adaugă puţină apă în care au fiert pastele, precum şi puţin ulei de măsline. Presară pe deasupra din brânza parmezan rămasă.

Spaghete cu pui şi ciuperci, scăldate în vin alb Ingrediente ulei de măsline 4 pulpe de pui, dezosate, fără piele, care se taie în bucăţi mici sare de mare şi piper negru proaspăt măcinat 2 căţei de usturoi, decojit şi fin feliat 350g ciuperci proaspete tăiate 200ml vin alb 455g spaghete 500ml sos alb 200g brânză parmezan rasă busuioc Mod de preparare Porneşte cuptorul ca să se încălzească. Pune ciupercile intr-un castron şi adaugă peste ele apă fiartă, atât cât să le acopere. Într-o tigaie mare pune un strop de ulei de măsline. Condimentează bucăţile de pui cu sare şi piper şi aşază-le în tigaie. Strecoară ciupercile de apă şi păstrează apa în care au stat. Adaugă ciupercile in tigaie, alături de pui, şi presară usturoiul feliat. Mai apoi, pune în tigaie şi vinul alb cu apa în care au stat ciupercile. Ţine totul pe foc până când puiul este gătit. Între timp pune pe foc şi spaghetele în apă cu sare. Adaugă sosul alb în tigaie şi adu la fierbere, iar mai apoi închide focul. Adaugă peste piper şi sare, după gust. Adaugă în tigaie pastele strecurare şi amestecă bine totul. Adaugă trei sferturi din brânza parmezan şi busuiocul şi amestecă în continuare. Transferă conţinutul din tigaie într-un vas pe care îl vei pune mai apoi la cuptor. După ce pui în vas spaghetele cu sos, presară peste ele restul de brânză parmezan şi pune vasul în cuptor până când spaghetele capătă o nuanţă aurie Risotto cu sparanghel, menta si lamaie (Jamie Oliver)  Ingrediente Orez Ceapa Telina Unt Ulei de masline Vin alb Supa Sparanghel Parmezan Coaja de lamaie rasa Menta Sare Piper Mod de preparare Am taiat ceapa si telina. Am pus la topit pe foc mai mititel jumatate de lingura de unt cu doua linguri de ulei de masline, in care am adaugat ceapa si telina si le-am lasat sa se inmoaie. am adaugat 300 gr orez si-am amestecat Am pus vinul alb, cam 100 ml, amestecand in continuare De aici se continua cu pregatirea traditionala a risottoului, se adauga cate un polonic de supa fierbinte si se amesteca pana e absorbit de orez, apoi se adauga urmatorul polonic de supa. Amestecatul in risotto continua, printre picaturi se taie sparanghelul, partea lemnoasa (2 cm jumatate) se arunca, varfurile se pastreaza

oarecum intacte. Cand risottoul e aproape gata se adauga sparanghelul, inca putina supa, si se amesteca in continuare. Risottoul, spune Jamie, trebuie sa fie moale, cremos, putintel mai apos decat credeti ca il vreti. Se ia de pe foc si se adauga 4 linguri de unt, vreo 2 maini de parmezan ras, coaja rasa si zeama de la o lamaie, menta dupa gust. Se drege de sare si piper Se amesteca bine, se pune capacul pe cratita si se lasa sa se odihneasca 1-2 minute. Chec gustos, gătit fără foc cu nucă şi cu fistic Dacă îţi place salamul de biscuiţi trebuie să încerci această reţetă propusă de celebrul bucătar Jamie Oliver. O să-ţi placă la nebunie, mai ales că se prepară foarte uşor şi nu ai nevoie de cuptor. Ingrediente 200 grame de biscuiţi digestivi 110 grame de nucă, mărunţită 110 grame de fistic decojit şi mărunţit 10 cireşe confiate 2 bucăţi de bezea mărunţită 150 grame de unt 1 lingură miere de albine 200 grame ciocolată neagră. Mod de preparare 1. Se rup în bucăţi mici biscuiţii şi se amestecă împreună cu nucile, fisticul şi cireşele confiate. 2. Pune restul ingredientelor într-un vas şi lasă-le la topit la abur. 3. Combină ingredientele uscate cu amestecul cu ciocolată. 4. Se amestecă bine ingredientele şi se presează într-o tavă de cozonac pe care s-a aşezat în prealabil folie de plastic. Lasă marginile foliei pe lângă tavă pentru a scoate cu uşurinţă checul. 5. Se pune la frigider câteva ore până se întăreşte bine. Ciupercuţe la cuptor, umplute cu brânză ricotta Dacă eşti în căutarea unui aperitiv gustos, dar uşor de preparat, celebrul bucătar Jamie Oliver vine cu o idee minunată de ciupercuţe umplute cu brânză ricotta şi apoi puse puţin la cuptor. Ingrediente 100 grame de brânză ricotta coajă de lămâie chilli uscat sau pudră sare de mare piper negru proaspăt măcinat 2 linguri de oregano sau măghiran uscat un pumn de parmezan ras ciuperci (10 mai mari sau 15 mai mici) ulei de măsline extravirgin frunze de salată sau spanac pentru platou. Mod de preparare 1. Se încălzeşte în prealabil cuptorul. 2. Se amestecă ricotta cu coaja de lămâie, chilli, sare şi piper. Apoi adaugă jumătate din cantitatea de parmezan ras şi oregano/măghiran. 3. Se curăţă ciupercile şi rupe-le codiţele. 4. Se dau ciupercile prin ulei de măsline, sare şi piper, după care se umplu cu amestecul de ricotta şi se presară parmezanul rămas.

5. Se dau la cuptor aproximativ 15 minute şi se servesc pe un platou cu frunze de salată sau spanac pentru ornament. Pilaf de orez cu conopidă Vrei să schimbi reţeta de pilaf de orez ca să încerci ceva nou? Celebrul bucătar Jamie Oliver te învaţă cum să prepari un risotto delicios cu conopidă , care va fi pe placul întregii familii. Ingrediente 2-3 felii de pâine veche mărunţită 1 conservă mică de anşoa pudră de chilli sau 3 bucăţi de chilli uscaţi ulei de măsline extravirgin 1 conopidă 1 ceapă 1/2 cană bucăţi ţelină 2 căni orez alb 1 legătură de pătrunjel proaspăt sare de mare piper măcinat puţin parmezan răzuit şi unt. Mod de preparare Pâinea învechită, conserva de anşoa şi chilli se amestecă împreună în robotul de bucătărie. Pune o tigaie cu puţin ulei pe foc şi căleşte puţin amestecul făcut din pâine, amestecând constant. Pune orezul la fiert şi foloseşte supă de pui în locul apei. Între timp se pun la călit conopida mărunţită, ceapa şi ţelina. Când orezul e fiert de jumătate, adaugă amestecul din conopidă şi mărunţeşte conopida cu furculiţa. La final, după ce ai luat de pe foc pilaful, adaugă puţin parmezam, unt, pătrunjel, piper şi sare. Amestecă bine pilaful şi presară peste el amestecul călit din pâine, anşoa şi chilli. Cartofi wedges Ingrediente cartofi ulei de măsline extravirgin sare piper boia (opţional) usturoi granulat (opţional) cimbru uscat (opţional) chilli pudră (opţional). Mod de preparare În timp ce se încălzeşte cuptorul, pune cartofii curăţaţi şi tăiaţi în patru în apă pentru a-i lăsa la fiert timp de 8 minute. Scurge cartofii şi lasă-i puţin să se usuce şi să se răcească. Amestecă-i cu restul ingredientelor sau doar varianta simplă cu sare, piper, ulei de măsline. Aşază o foaie de copt într-o tavă şi pune apoi cartofii. Se lasă la cuptor aproximativ 30 de minute până se rumenesc.

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